We WILL NOT be at Game On Expo!

Due to an unexpected conflict, we will NOT be vending at GameOn Expo this year. We are super bummed, but determined to be there next year for sure.

Don’t let our absence dissuade you from going, though — it’ s still going to be fantastic~

GameOn Expo
Phoenix Convention Center
August 11-13

Sail up the Sword Coast

Our Geek Meter is pegged over these fantastic passport stamp buttons! This time we’re celebrating the world of Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Realms series of books and games with passport stamps for¬†the islands, cities and towns of the Sword Coast of Faer√Ľn!

I don’t have to tell you what D&D means to nerd and gamer cultures; if you’re like us, you will love them.

Onward, adventurers!

grab your cheap whiskey

I’m late to the Jessica Jones party — I only¬†discovered her via the Netflix series, mostly because I don’t read many comics these days — but¬†I love her none the less for all that. Her biting sarcasm and refusal to put up with anyone’s bullshit give me life.

You, too? Then check out our latest set!

Skyrim passport stamps

Skyrim passport stamps

Skyrim is not the place in which I’ve spent the most time — that honor goes to the lands of Everquest* — but for sheer beauty and variety, Skyrim carries off the laurels. I love the holds and the villages and the mountains and the farms and knew I’d eventually do a button set to celebrate those, and here it is.

Share the love with your own Skyrim set!

* yes I am old shut up